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Related article: Sir Piyse Pryse and Mr. P. Pryse Pryse Hon. F. Baring Mr. A. W. Foster Capt. Hon. F. Johnstone... Mr. W. Baker White Lord George Nevill Mr. C. Heseltine ... Mr. W. H. Ashurst Mr. Leader Mr. L. Rolleston ... Messrs. Bibby and R. Hunt Mr. R. W. Eylon Mr. J. H. Bennett (dead).. Hon. E. W. B. Portman.. Sir John Shelley Mr. G. H. Pcmber Lord Willoughby de Broke Mr. W. de P. Cazenove .. Mr. Percy Browne Mr. Thomas Bentley. Mr. John Hargreaves. Mr. Uvedale Lambert. Given up. Rev. E. A. Milne. Mr. Cowley Lambert. Mr. Hanbury. Mr. Lionel Barlow. Committee. Acting Mas- ter, Mr. C. E. Green. Mr. Wm. Smith (aiiother Master of same name). Given up. N. and E. side, Mr. Whal- ley Tooker. S. and W. side, Captain Standish. Mr. F. G. Fry. Sir Evetard Cayley (under whose name they now appear). Mr. H. W. Selby-Lowndes. Mr. W. Baker White. Mr. H. C. Compton. Mr. H. G. Pease. Mr. Lort Phillips. Lord Manvers. Mr. F. Bibby. Hon. Mark Rolle. Mr. D. Horndon, Acting Master. Mr. G. H. Longman. Mr. F. C. Swindell. Mr. W. Morris. Mr. A. Gordon RusseU. Hon. R. G. Verney. Mr. IL C. Gallup. Committee. Lord Heyte- bury, Deputy Master. IRELAND. Faithlegg ... Galway, East United Hunt Club Westmeath... Mr. P. J. M. Power Mr. T. B. Charters Mr. Nicholson Lord Longford and Hon. E. M. Pakenham Given up. Lord Huntingdon. Messrs. Nicholson and Sher- man-Crawford. Mr. J. B. Charters. I900.] THE HUNTING SEASON S ARRANGEMENTS. 365 dition to hunting the Ormond Hounds, has taken over the East Gal way from Mr, J. B. Charters, and will carry the horn in both countries. The New Ross have hitherto figured as harriers; but as they hunt foxes they now appear as foxhounds under the same master, Mr. Lambert, who also hunts the hounds. The only change in the United Hunt Club establishment is that Mr. Sharman-Crawford becomes joint master with Mr. Ticlopidine Hydrochloride Nicholson, and we are glad to find that part of the old Curraghmore country has been revived under the name of the Water ford, with Mr. G. F. Malcomson as master and hunts- man, and Mr. F. Dalton and W. GrifiGith as whippers-in. Mr. Charters, who as already men- tioned gives up the East Galway, has migrated to Westmeath. Here he succeeds Lord Longford and the Honourable E. M. Paken- ham. The conversion of the Knockmacool into a harrier pack has been forced upon Mr. Beam- ish, owing to paucity of foxes in his country. In Ireland it is remarkable how many of the packs are hunted Buy Ticlopidine by amateurs, the only professional huntsmen being Fred Champion (Kildare) ; Charles Dean (Louth); Tom Champion (South Union) ; Dennis McCarthy (United Hunt Club) ; and Thomas Garrett (Wexford). In Scotland, on the other hand, Mr. C. Scott Plum- mer and Mr. Scot Anderson are the only masters doing huntsman's work; in England and Wales amateurs and professionals are about equally divided. "Our Van." Hanohestep September Meet- ing. — The days of the present Manchester racecourse are rapidly nearing their end, and, now that another venue has been definitely decided upon and the plans of Messrs. Manning, Ticlopidine Clopidogrel the Newmarket architects, accepted, no one has a good word to say for the very bad track at New Barns. That course is a dreadful example, which race-course managers will do well to Ticlopidine 250 Mg take to heart, of what happens when you play tricks with Nature. It has been fre- quently insisted upon and never contradicted, save by interested persons, that the turf at New Barns was rotten, and the rotten- ness was brought about by the system adopted in winter of pro- tecting the course from frost by means of a straw covering. It was very enterprising, and well meant, but the permanent result was fatal. Without the straw protection one often could not have raced, no doubt.